We know netting

Assemble of purse seine nets, aquaculture nets, batting cages, squared panels, and more.

Team of engineers experienced in designing and asembling of nets, based on customer needs. Decades of experience in bulding aquaculture nets, purse seine nets, sport batting cages and squared panels, and more.

Expert advice before and during the fishing operation

Fishing captains and engineers with extensive experience that will advise you before and during fishing season on issues related to:

• The selection of materials to be used on a fishing net
• The optimal design of a fishing net
• The net evaluation during fishing season. 
• The evolution of the net after fishing season ends.

Service center FISA

We offer our customers specialized atention for the repair of their nets. In our service centers we have experienced teams of netters, led by a staff of specialized engineers.

Research & Development Center

The R & D department has specialized engineers that are constantly evaluating the efficiency of our products. Our R & D center has a modern laboratory in which our engineers continuosly measure all processes and ensure that our products reach the quality standard required by the diferent industries we work with and our customers.

All of our products are submitted to strict quality tests. Tenacity, elongation, rupture resistance, abrasion, and UV exposure tests are some of the tests we submit our products to.